Un giardino senza confini

A garden with a "natural heart" organized on more levels that forgives it in the orderly patchwork of greens that marks the crops typical of the zone. The architecture of the garden is a wise game of lines, now rectilinear now fluid drawn by vine-trellises, small wall and runs whether to stir in liberty and to listen to the perfumes of the nature. Mulberries, perished and flower apple trees, punctuate the informal hems played on the colors in the tones crayon: from the pink pale to the indigo, from the blue to the blue one, dissolved by the white to the cream up to the grey ones. Agapanti, Sages and Verbenas, Pennisetum and Straws, dress every corners of the garden. Soft and sinuous plants that dance in the wind, conferring to the garden an atmosphere of space without boundaries.





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