Walks in the green

The space available is defined and woven together with walls, small avenues and paths. Giordani’s Studio Team offer balanced proposals based on your needs. We choose from a wide range of materials from the simple and natural ones, such as sand, earth or gravel to the more sophisticated ones such as pebbles, stone, terracotta or wood which fit in naturally with your green areas and create a unity between the exterior and interior of your house.



A room in the open air

In the garden it is essential to create a cozy welcoming a place to sit down, eat and socialize in. We furnish it with tables and chairs, benches or soft cushions, details which can transform every corner into a pleasant place to relax and socialize. In order to filter the light of the sun it may be necessary to create a way of providing shade such as gazebos, pergolas and awnings. These are elegant garden furnishings and show the style of the garden guaranteeing comfort all the year round.



Flower pots, containers and decorative items

They shouldn't be considered in isolation but part of a whole. There are big and small, colours, materials and different forms, but what counts is to arrange them artistically. Pavements, walls, balconies and courtyards are improved by the presence of plants or groups of plants cultivated in pots, by lanterns, statues or small objects which at times become the principle features of your garden.



Water in the garden

Water pervades the natural world and every aspect of existence; we love to see it, hear it and touch it. Its attraction, its ability to draw one's attention and its power to reflect make it an important feature even in a small garden or on a balcony. We use it in different ways: swimming pools, fountains, ponds and water tricks, each one is able to create atmospheres which heighten our pleasure and emotions.




It is an absolute must in the plan of any green area: it is necessary for practical reasons to light up paths and sitting areas but also for aesthetic reasons in order to highlight certain features and details. So lighting must be chosen with care in order to reflect the style of the garden. We place the lights whether they are modern or traditional with great care so as to create an evocative atmosphere.



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