Site surveys are the occasion for:

  • gathering your needs and desires (accesses, practicability, swimming pool or other sports facilities, rest areas, orchards, tool shelter…)
  • understanding the natural setting of the open space (orientation, exposure to the winds, land type and levels, types of existing plants, water resources…)
  • examining the context where your green space is situated (panoramic views or views to be screened, the style of the house…)
  • fixing the terms of the assignment (fee, performances and time of delivery)



Outline project, will give you all the information through which you can understand the structure and the salient characteristics of the design idea. The drawing materials will be of different types:

  • planimetric papers, for an overall view of the project where the different areas are identified according to their function (e.g.: practicability, both by car or on foot, plantation scheme, rest areas, pergolas and other structures, orchard…)
  • perspective or axonometric virtual rendering, where you can perceive the style and forms of the project; free-hand, watercoloured or black and white sketches of significant views.



Feasible project
After a direct examination of information gathered during the preliminary step, additionaly we will assess if there are any further points to be considered in order to identify the most effective solutions for your particular requirements, we will pass to the final drawing stage to create the feasible project. Tables, planimetric papers in different scale, detailed drawings will include:

  • possible land movements and building works such as walls, steps, rest areas, pergolas, flooring…
  • green space arrangement with identification of genus, species, cultivar which have been chosen, of the most suitable breeding type and of the number of plants to bed
  • installation schemes (irrigation, lighting)
  • types of furnishingo
  • detailed metric calculation
  • terms of contract for the executor firms with regard materials and methods of working



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