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The landscape designer Luigina Giordani, after twenty year of fruitful work and the creation of hundreds of gardens, finally recollects all her works in a prestigious volume. The book gathers 15 gardens, both private and public (such as hotels, B&Bs, villas, terraces) beautifully photographed and described by the author, from the project to the mood, not to mention details, projectual choices and everything that can be of interest for the reader. An uncommon professional talent, combined with a deep botanical knowledge. The author is introduced by one of most distinguished and renowned names in this field, Mimma Pallavicini, who was able to individuate the most peculiar and convincing features of a Garden Designer like Luigina Giordani.


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Spazi Verdi Giardini Terrazze


The book, complementary to the Manual, aims to present the most meaningful experiences of landscape work in Italy.

The book is mainly focused on works of micro landscaping: in this field the the architect has to face many challenges, like the choice of the most suitable material, the optimization of every detail and the definition of the architectural particular accordingly to the overall design.

The goal of the book is to present a summary of the projects realized in our country, which not only represent the “modern” point of view of contemporary composition but also a wider naturalistic vision of the landscape project, mainly for what concerns the private sector, where management and environmental impact can generate great innovation.









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«Ricerca il bello, come un artista; ci aiuta a migliorare la qualità della vita, come un medico; risolve i grandi problemi legati all’ambiente che ci circonda, come uno scienziato. L’architetto e il suo mestiere sfuggono a una facile definizione. In lotta tra il prevalere della ragione o dell’inventiva…» LEGGI TUTTO
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Green areas at Guglionesi

issues and ideas by Luigina Giordani

agronomer and garden designer

The quality of urban complexes can be measured in terms of the green areas available for each inhabitant. In recent years there has been a growing interest in this issue. Plants are not only pleasant to look at but they are also beneficial to the climate, the air and the quality of life of people. Parks, gardens, roadside trees, lawns, lakes, natural spaces are essential within a town if the aim is to make it more friendly. For this reason the Guglionesi Local Authority decided to carry on a research on its green areas. This research would be the first step towards a Plan for Green Areas that would preserve natural spaces and respond to human necessities. Green areas, are wrongly assumed to be gardens or urban landscapes and are often considered expensive and optional. A superfluous sacrifice while actually it is the loss of an essential part of our lives.

Fascia analisi del verde

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