“Im-perfect balance”

Accordingly to the theme of the performance and the art work “Im-perfetto equilibro” (im-perfect balance) by Federica Amichetti, an impressive green installation welcomed the visitors of Herbaria 2012. The message conveyed is clear: the purchase of balance. Crates-vases in precarious balance, barely hanging from the ceiling, emerge among lawn patches. Soil and plants seem to slip on the outside. The border of the great container-flower box is uneven and apparently not stable. In the cloister, different kinds of Japanese Maples, with their leaves light and finely engraved, form a pleasant ensemble with the Penstemon, or beardtongues, small ferns and grass on a lawn. Red linear ornamental elements highlight the shapes and colours of the leaves and bring the visitors’ attention to the artistic installation above.


  • Herbaria_2012_big_001
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At the Sun 2010, PAYSAGE organized an international workshop dedicated to the theme: NEW GARDENS FOR THE CITY LIFE. The green space on a small scale opens to the urban dimension. The landscape, not only urban, is more and more a place for the welcome and cohabitation of new life styles. The aim of the organizers is to highlight the best projects of landscape use from the viewpoint of sustainability and requalification of the territory. On saturday 16th October, Giordani Studio Staff spoke about: “Welcome in the heart of the landscape”. We dealt with a silent and constant talking between interior and exterior, projects to establish a harmony flowing with respect for the architectural lines, for the people who live in the places and for the territory. Farm holidays, country houses and other resorts, wellbeing centres, smart “dependances” of private houses and guestrooms: a rich and diversified green welcome.


  • sun_2010_big_01
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  • sun_2010_big_09
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  • sun_2010_big_11
  • sun_2010_big_12

A veranda… a green paradise

The place is bright and fresh, the furnishings are simple and practical, the colours are soft, purposely thought for a calm and relaxing spot where you can seclude yourself in your green world, sheltered from bad weather. A veranda where you can stay among plants and flowers even in the depths of winter. Here you can talk and read have breackfast or tea in the afternoon and in the evening, have dinner pleasantly with your friends in the soft light of a lantern, sharing feast and complicity.


  • progetto_verde_2010_big_01
  • progetto_verde_2010_big_02
  • progetto_verde_2010_big_03
  • progetto_verde_2010_big_04
  • progetto_verde_2010_big_05
  • progetto_verde_2010_big_06
  • progetto_verde_2010_big_07
  • progetto_verde_2010_big_08

Forgetting the urban turmoil and relaxing in a green space is very important for our mood. Why not exploit the roof, our terrace or any other paved surface? The sight of town changes totally, the nuances of green offer us a new image with positive effects also for ecology and the thermic and acoustic isolation of our house.

On the occasion of the demonstration “Project Green 2009” our team have produced an example of “roof garden” which is easy to create.


  • PRG_Ve09_Big_01
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_02
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_03
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_04
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_05
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  • PRG_Ve09_Big_07
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_08
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_09
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_10
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_11
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_12
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_13
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_14
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_15
  • PRG_Ve09_Big_16

Contemporary structures

Geometry is the guiding principle: a union between the logic of perspective and a challenge to conventions by using materials and colours, new proportions and fluid lines. Wood, new materials and colours make the formality of hedges up-to-date, introducing a sprinkling of modernity which makes the area even livelier.
Simplicity makes this small space balanced: it is the only valid secret for any form of design.


  • PRG_Ve08_Big_01
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_02
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_03
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_04
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_05
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_06
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_07
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_08
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_09
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_10
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_11
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_12
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_13
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_14
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_15
  • PRG_Ve08_Big_16
  • Two faces ... one garden

A pleasant journey in a small space leads the visitor from the romantic garden with fluid lines, made with the use of “opus incertus” stone, choice of the vegetation disposition and flowering in blue tones... the garden with candid modern lines where forms and geometric shapes are essential, but harmonious. Two faces, two styles, two atmospheres... a perfect contrast in just one garden!

  • Perfumes and tastes... an ancient atmosphere in the vegetable garden

We wanted to propose the suggestion of “close garden” raised by flowerbeds made from chestnut trees, which articulate the way on different perspectives.
Lavanders, rosmaries, sages and thymes, melt perfumes and colours with frame, buttercups, pot marigolds and daisies.


  • 2_Volti_Big_01
  • 2_Volti_Big_02
  • 2_Volti_Big_03
  • 2_Volti_Big_04
  • 2_Volti_Big_05
  • 2_Volti_Big_06
  • 2_Volti_Big_07
  • 2_Volti_Big_08
  • BLU_Big_01
  • BLU_Big_02
  • BLU_Big_03
  • BLU_Big_04
  • Profumi_Big_01
  • Profumi_Big_02
  • Profumi_Big_03
  • Profumi_Big_04
  • Profumi_Big_05
  • Profumi_Big_06
  • Profumi_Big_07
  • Profumi_Big_08
  • Profumi_Big_09
  • Profumi_Big_10
  • Profumi_Big_11
  • Profumi_Big_12
  • Profumi_Big_13
  • Profumi_Big_14
  • Profumi_Big_15
  • Profumi_Big_16

In collaboration with Sun Exibition Showroom, held in Rimini from 4th to 7th October 2007, PAYSAGE promoted an initiative where, within a garden space, a small meeting area was prepared. It was dedicated to the presentation of landscape designers who work in the garden sector, both private and public. In this context, we showed our projects.

Each project was arranged within its landscape context. Hereafter some slides of our participation.


  • SUN_07_Big_01
  • SUN_07_Big_02
  • SUN_07_Big_03
  • SUN_07_Big_04
  • SUN_07_Big_05
  • SUN_07_Big_06
  • SUN_07_Big_07
  • SUN_07_Big_08
  • SUN_07_Big_09
  • SUN_07_Big_10
  • SUN_07_Big_11
  • SUN_07_Big_12

In the “Herbaria 2006” demonstration, we planned a "crossed green" with plants still in use today in food and in the production of herb remedies. The plants were divided according to their therapeutic use, conjugating the extraordinary intuitions of ancient and modern scientific discoveries. A simple and evocative run was conceived, in harmony with the intense religiousness of the place: it wasn’t possible to find a better position than the cloister of the Abbey of Chiaravalle of Fiastra, a Cistercense monastery of rare beauty.


  • herbaria_2006_Big_01
  • herbaria_2006_Big_02
  • herbaria_2006_Big_03
  • herbaria_2006_Big_04
  • herbaria_2006_Big_05
  • herbaria_2006_Big_06
  • herbaria_2006_Big_07
  • herbaria_2006_Big_08
  • herbaria_2006_Big_09
  • herbaria_2006_Big_10
  • herbaria_2006_Big_11
  • herbaria_2006_Big_12
  • herbaria_2006_Big_13
  • herbaria_2006_Big_14
  • herbaria_2006_Big_15
  • herbaria_2006_Big_16

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