“Im-perfect balance”

Accordingly to the theme of the performance and the art work “Im-perfetto equilibro” (im-perfect balance) by Federica Amichetti, an impressive green installation welcomed the visitors of Herbaria 2012. The message conveyed is clear: the purchase of balance. Crates-vases in precarious balance, barely hanging from the ceiling, emerge among lawn patches. Soil and plants seem to slip on the outside. The border of the great container-flower box is uneven and apparently not stable. In the cloister, different kinds of Japanese Maples, with their leaves light and finely engraved, form a pleasant ensemble with the Penstemon, or beardtongues, small ferns and grass on a lawn. Red linear ornamental elements highlight the shapes and colours of the leaves and bring the visitors’ attention to the artistic installation above.


  • Herbaria_2012_big_001
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  • Herbaria_2012_big_012
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